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Credit Portfolio Management
Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management program is a program unique to the financial / credit services industry. This service offers the most advanced features for anyone serious about obtaining and maintaining the highest credit rating possible. While not everyone is accepted into the program...... More >

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Genesis Consulting Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Portfolio Company in South Jordan, UT
Genesis Consulting Services - Who We Are

Genesis Consulting Services has been built upon a rock solid foundation of over 20 years of unprecedented credit and customer service. While improper credit reporting continues to plague consumers abroad without their knowledge, trusted companies like Genesis Consulting Services continue to stay on top of new laws and current regulations that assist our clients in ethical means to improve and maintain their credit file integrity.

During the 90’s (and even recently) the credit/debt services industry as a whole was hurt by highly publicized law suits:

The ensuing reputation of all legitimate credit repair/services companies soon became tarnished by simple association to the industry. As unfortunate as it was, the companies that did survive the fallout where companies that had no hidden agendas, but followed through with a consumer centric tenacity that now continues to help empower our clients to understand and identify the difference between “a scam” and the real thing.

It’s no small wonder why good and trusted companies like Genesis Consulting Services have succeeded in assisting 10’s of millions of clients all over the world exercise their right to ensure credit accuracy and file integrity. In a recent report generated by the US Public Interest Research Group (, it stated that “as many as 79% of credit reports have errors -- 25% of which are serious enough to potentially result in credit denial. More than half of the reports had information that was either outdated or belonged to someone else”. The report further stated, that research based on the study on a random sample of 301,000 individual credit files found that nearly half – 46% of the consumers had files where credit limit had been withheld at least once by a creditor. This is a one of many examples why there will always be a need for legitimate companies like Genesis Consulting Services.

In an ever changing industry, our commitment will be to continue to provide our clients with the most trusted and effective credit services available, always setting the standards by which all other good companies in the industry try to imitate. For over 20 years Genesis Consulting Services has been the pinnacle of what a full service – credit services company should represent. There is no wonder why we accept it as our mission to empower our clients through education, knowledge, and finally, a keen sense of awareness that encourages the proper use of ones credit worthiness.

We protect as well as educate our clients about what they must do to protect themselves from the likelihood of unfair credit reporting issues, and to correct and/or repair it if it needs to be. We consider ourselves to be the “checks and balances” of the credit industry, and we will always look pass the rhetoric of those who are skeptics. We follow a simple rule that President Reagan lived by and often quoted as our company motto for everything we do, and encourage consumers to do the same, when it comes to your credit…“trust but verify”.