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Credit Portfolio Management
Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management program is a program unique to the financial / credit services industry. This service offers the most advanced features for anyone serious about obtaining and maintaining the highest credit rating possible. While not everyone is accepted into the program...... More >

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Genesis Consulting Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Portfolio Company in South Jordan, UT
Genesis Consulting Services - The Only Credit Portfolio Management Company

Because Your Credit Portfolio Is Your Most Valuable Financial Asset

The best way to summarize what Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) program is about is to tell you what it is not. Genesis Consulting Services and its CPM program is not a simple credit repair program rather it is a process wherein we concentrate on FICO score enhancement. While credit error correction and restoration is a priority and often the first step necessary towards obtaining CPM optimum standards, all aspects of the credit report are analyzed for the best possible results in enhancement and raising the FICO scores for our clients.

All credit error correction and/or essential credit dispute issues are handled by experts that specialize in ensuring that all negative or derogatory items are properly and professionally concluded. Once your credit file is free from errors, accurately reported, and restored to a favorable condition your personal credit advisor and the CPM program works proactively to increase your credit portfolio status so that it becomes your best financial asset. The CPM membership program is specifically designed to optimize your credit portfolio, and to maximize your borrowing power.

In essence, Credit Portfolio Management is far more than a mere credit report, it represents to your lenders the most comprehensive and highly accurate representation of your true credit worthiness. The information that makes up your credit portfolio comes from the credit score optimization, protection, maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring that is available only in our Credit Portfolio Management program.

In the same manner that we make Credit Portfolio Management easy for our clients, we do the same with our fee schedule. The most comprehensive and effective credit management program available is also affordable and worry-free for our clients. Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management program, is available for a limited time setup fee of only $500! *. For membership acceptance, apply HERE.



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Credit Reports / Full and Accurate Reporting Checks and Balances
There are many options and sources that you can use to request your credit reports from the three different credit bureaus. While recent legislation entitles you to one free credit report from each credit bureau every year, it does little to properly manage your most important financial asset. However, as a CPM member, ALL credit reports are included in your membership fees. Every quarter, full credit reports from every credit bureau are ordered to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on your credit file by reporting agencies. It is also available to you at anytime via our online membership account where you can also find the latest activity your credit file has recorded. This check and balance is crucial to accurate credit portfolio management.

Credit Report Analysis (CRA)
Our patented Credit Report Analysis (CPA) process identifies, clarifies and defines the current line items on your credit reports. It allows us to best construct a strategic plan of action that has consistently produced the highest credit scores over the past 20+ years.

Confidential Needs Analysis (CNA):
Your Personal Credit Advisor will contact you after receiving and reviewing your credit reports to discuss any negative issues on your file and explain the strategic and tactical course of action we intend to take to resolve any obstacles to healthy credit.

This represents our core commitment to ensure “FAIR credit reporting accuracy” for all of our members. In summary, the FCI program was specifically designed to identify credit reporting deficiencies, and to defend them against any and all agencies that have the right to report them. Here, we reaffirm our tenacity to defend our members “at all cost “by trusting, but verifying”. Our legal team is required to research, and if warranted, aggressively represent you for any and all discrepancies improperly listed on your credit report, ensuring compliance with the FCRA, FDCPA, ECOA, FCBA, FACTA.

Credit Profile Consultation:
Your Credit Profile Consultation is the 10,000 foot view of your credit portfolio landscape. Part of this perspective is based upon the information gathered in the previously mentioned features; however, this ties all the loose ends of your credit portfolio up into one strong and consistent plan to maximize your credit health and score. Your Personal Credit Advisor will inform you on the personalized approach that we intend to take on your behalf to achieve the best possible results. This overview represents the battle plan to win the war rather than the individual battles. To quote Sun Tsu from "The Art Of War", "Victory goes to the one who chooses to do battle on his own terms". Genesis Consulting Services will dictate the terms, fight the battles, and win the war of your good credit on your behalf.

Credit Audit/Resolution:
Genesis Consulting Services is a Credit Portfolio Management company. Credit error correction, or disputing, is but one facet of the CPM Program. We fulfill this function for our clients through a partnered third party non-profit association whose sole focus and expertise is in credit disputing. This model delivers the fastest, most reliable, and focused item dispute service possible. Your membership includes an unlimited use of this service regardless of the amount of disputes.

Education Center Access:
Most consumers do not understand what credit scores measure, what good and bad scores are, and how scores can be improved. Through our education center valuable credit information is given allowing clients to stay up to date with the credit bureaus and current with the ever changing financial market.

Personal Credit Advisor:
You will find that one of the greatest features of the CPM Program is access to your own Personal Credit Advisor. Your Personal Credit Advisor will not only work through the strategy of strengthening your Credit Portfolio but is available to you anytime for advice on large item purchases when using your credit.

Your Personal Credit Advisor is a credit industry professional who will not only welcome any questions you may call with but will also encourage frequent contact. They can best advise you on when to expect interest rate drops and help with strategic timing for any large upcoming purchases you may be considering. Following this expert advice will not only save you thousands of dollars on large, credit based purchases but may actually INCREASE your score further!

Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring:
At Genesis Consulting Services we work hard to strengthen our clients’ credit portfolios. Subsequently we take Identity Theft very seriously and in response offer our members the most comprehensive, effective, and secure Identity Theft services in the nation.

The first step to protecting yourself from Identity Theft is to make sure that you have not already been a victim of it. There are an estimated 10 million victims in the U.S alone that spend an average of $1,500 and 175 hours to recover from identity theft.

In the unfortunate event our initial investigation reveals you have been a victim or if you ever become one (while a member) we will take what has been dubbed a “consumers worst nightmare” and work with you to correct and resolve the problem. As a CPM Program member, you will never have to worry about becoming part of these disturbing statistics.

The final piece in our Identity Theft services is to constantly monitor your credit for any signs of identity theft our unauthorized inquiries. If any alerts are triggered your Personal Credit Advisor will immediately become personally involved by investigating the alert, taking counter measures if necessary, and finally contacting you with the information of what occurred and the steps we took to resolve it.

Online FICO Score Estimator:
Some of the best things in life ARE FREE…some of the worst things are the ones that only claim to be. provides this crucial first step to Credit Portfolio Management absolutely free with no strings attached. Simply login and get your score today!

Legal Representation:
In the event you need, for any reason, legal representation to aggressively defend your credit issues you can rest assured that our contracted legal staff (one of the nations leading law firms) is here to help you. Genesis Consulting Services is not a law firm, and for the same reason that a law firm is a poor choice for Credit Portfolio Management we focus on insuring that our clients get the specialized, professional representation they deserve.

Genesis Consulting Services Guarantee:
Genesis Consulting Services has the nations only 12 Month Service Guarantee. Genesis is dedicated to making sure that you receive the absolute best service available in America today. We believe that we are the finest credit consulting service in the Country and guarantee your money back for a FULL 12 Months if you are not completely satisfied. Its that simple. Speak with your Genesis Credit Mentor for details.


* There is a monthly fee of $64.99 while active in the program.
** Genesis Consulting Services is not a law firm, all legal services are performed by a contracted firm.