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Genesis Consulting Services
Credit Portfolio Management
Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management program is a program unique to the financial / credit services industry. This service offers the most advanced features for anyone serious about obtaining and maintaining the highest credit rating possible. While not everyone is accepted into the program...... More >

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Genesis Consulting Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Portfolio Company in South Jordan, UT
Genesis Consulting Services - The Only Credit Portfolio Management Company

Genesis Consulting Services - Bridging The Gap Of A Broken Industry
Genesis Consulting Services offers the only proven and effective Credit Portfolio Management (CPM) program available. With over 20 years of "results driven" experience, Our CPM program renders all other simple "credit repair" programs obsolete.

Genesis Consulting Services - A Breed Apart
In today’s sophisticated and sometimes confusing world of finance and credit, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that someone was monitoring and managing your credit portfolio every minute of the day. Genesis Consulting Services has been doing just that for over 20 years, bringing the peace of mind to its clients that only a professionally managed credit portfolio can bring… assuring them that their most valuable financial asset, their credit status, promotes the best picture about them.

While CPM is not for everybody and new clients are accepted as part of a selection process, once in the program our members consistently obtain not only the highest credit scores but maintain them while at the same time enjoying the lowest interest rates in the country. The benefits gained from a high credit score are obtained by vigilant credit portfolio management that only Genesis Consulting Services provides.

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