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Credit Portfolio Management
Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management program is a program unique to the financial / credit services industry. This service offers the most advanced features for anyone serious about obtaining and maintaining the highest credit rating possible. While not everyone is accepted into the program...... More >

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Genesis Consulting Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Portfolio Company in South Jordan, UT
Credit Scoring

What is a credit score?  A credit score is a three digit number that summaries your credit risk level. It is based on a snapshot of your credit report at a particular point in time. It is important to know your credit score because it is used by lenders to evaluate your credit report and estimate if you are a credit risk.

How your credit s made up:The most commonly used credit scores are the FICO® scores. These credit scores are created by Fair Isaac Corporation and are the scores that lenders can buy from all of the three major credit reporting agencies.  Lenders use these FICO® scores to aid in the billions of credit decisions that they make every year.  Fair Isaac develops FICO® scores basely solely on the information that is contained in the consumer credit reports that are maintained at the credit reporting agencies.

Your credit score is used to determine what credit will be extended to you by lenders and what the terms of that offer will be, such as how much and at what interest rate.  Your FICO® score is an important part of your credit portfolio and our Genesis Credit Advisors are here to assist you to understanding your FICO® score.  When you know where your FICO® score is then you can take action, if necessary, to lower your credit risk level and thus raise your credit score over time.  A higher FICO® means a better financial portfolio for you.