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Genesis Consulting Services
Credit Portfolio Management
Genesis Consulting Services' Credit Portfolio Management program is a program unique to the financial / credit services industry. This service offers the most advanced features for anyone serious about obtaining and maintaining the highest credit rating possible. While not everyone is accepted into the program...... More >

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Genesis Consulting Services LLC is a BBB Accredited Portfolio Company in South Jordan, UT
Automotive Program

Our Genesis Consulting Services Automotive Program is a 3 to 6 month program designed around raising your FICO score in a ‘fast track’ manner. While improving credit takes time our Genesis Credit Specialist’s will work along side our clients to ensure the quickest possible results are obtained. Our Credit Specialist’s go to the highest level of not only verifying credit items on the file for inaccuracies, but also analyzing the credit portfolio to calculate the best strategies for raising FICO scores efficiently and within the statutes of the law. By removing and/or correcting inaccuracies using our proven methods, FICO scores will increase to the highest level in the shortest period of time. We know that the credit score is an important part of the credit portfolio and our client’s automotive needs.

In addition to improving the FICO score to obtain the loan desired for our client’s automotive needs, having a higher FICO score will also save them big bucks!!! A higher score will get them the best interest rates. From the chart you can see how much your current FICO score could be costing you:


Through our Partnership with the Automotive Dealer we have paired up to offer their clients our quality service and at an excellent price. See your dealer for the special pricing.

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